This is me

I am a Picturemaker, Peoplelover, Dreamer and Believer and mother of 2 strong willed, wild, adorable, girls, based in Vienna and Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria.

My photography aims to capture the pure, honest daily life situations, because i believe nothing beats the magic of real authentic moments.

These precious Moments which are part of you, your family & your story!

A Few of my favorite things

  • Music makes my heart sing, soul, jazz, funk and swing
  • Lemontarte addict, cooking lover
  • Nature, Adventures and anything National Geographic
  • Workoutskipping´ Soultrippin´ 
  • Kids so young wild and free, to SEE and let them BE!
  • My special hour of the day is late afternoon just before sunset -                               i just love the magical light it brings
  • My favorite wedding moments: Getting ready, walking down the eile and these emotional faces during dinner speeches